It’s always so disconcertingly surprising when that naughty little kid from your youth is suddenly old enough to be getting married.

Last night, I was lucky enough to be invited to a special cultural event. The beautiful bride to be is Greek, and in her culture, they have a Bed Making ritual (Krevati in Greek) just before the wedding which has to happen on a Thursday night. In the Syrian Orthodox culture, we have a version of this too, but as is often the case, the Greek version is a little different from ours…but still wonderfully fun and entertaining.

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, the ritual goes something like this –

1. All the single girls are gathered to make the bed of the bride. The remaining guests surround them, watching and cheering. The girls work as a team stuffing pillows into cases, fitting the sheet over the mattress, stuffing the doona into the cover.
2. Once the bed is made, the groom is shuffled into the bedroom with music, cheering, clapping, slapping on the back,etc. His job is to mess up the bed.
3. The team of single girls must remake the bed.
4. When the bed is done, family and friends come into the bedroom and throw rice, sugared almonds, coins and cash onto the bed, after which, at least one baby is put on top to represent fertility.

Bed topped with cash, rice and sugared almonds


Silver tray of rice and sugared almonds

It’s a raucous event often coupled with lots of eating, socialising, drinking and dancing. It’s purpose? To bless the marital bed and promote fertility.

Who knows if it actually works, but in any case, it’s just a great opportunity for community to get together, catch up, connect and celebrate.

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