Hi. I’m Lora Inak and welcome to my blog, Tip o’ The Fez.

Why Tip o’ The Fez? It’s my cultural spin on the very old English expression – Tip of the Hat. Google defines it as: the act of tipping or (especially in British English) doffing one’s hat as a cultural expression of recognition, respect, gratitude, or simple salutation and acknowledgement between two persons. Fez hats were formerly the traditional headdress for Turks during the Ottoman Empire, and being of Turkish birth and a naturalised Australian, I felt that titling my blog in a way that encompassed both cultural halves of me was a perfect way to begin.

Tip o’ The Fez is a space I hope to express my thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences regarding culture, cultural conflict, cultural balance, assimilation and acculturation. I’d love it if you joined me in my journey.

So for now, Tip o’ The Fez to you.